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General information about Androxine in Belgium

Androxine Trenbolone ALPHA PHARMA is a synthetic drug from the group of anabolic steroids with moderate androgenic and strongly anabolic effects. In human medicine Androxine Trenbolone ALPHA PHARMA no longer has any significance. It is used as a doping agent for muscle building and enhancement. It is a male sex hormone like derivative of nandrolone.

Androxine Trenbolone ALPHA PHARMA was first used as trenbolone hexahydrobenzyl carbonate and later as trenbolone acetate for market preparations.

Androxine Features in Belgium

Since Nandrolone and Androxine Trenbolone ALPHA PHARMA have a much higher activity than testosterone and the ratio between the virilizing effect and the anabolic effect is shifted in favor of the metabolic effect, it is of greater interest in as a doping agent. Androxine Trenbolone ALPHA PHARMA is a known doping drug and is often used by bodybuilders to build muscle. Its muscle-stimulating effectiveness is 10-15 times more potent than that of testosterone because it builds “lean” muscle mass, as opposed to testosterone, so neither fat nor absorb water. Weight gain is almost exclusively achieved by increasing fat-free muscle mass.

Additionally, Androxine Trenbolone ALPHA PHARMA in Belgium is designed to achieve a continuous increase in strength, which should be slower, but longer lasting, compared to testosterone.Androxine Trenbolone is also used by bodybuilders and athletes as part of a diet because it inhibits the breakdown of muscle mass. Androxine Trenbolone ALPHA PHARMA is often mixed with testosterone or drostanolone to enhance the effect. In combination with somatropin, insulin and/or injections of IGF-1, stanozolol or oxandrolone, a massive increase in muscle mass may occur.

Androxine Trenbolone ALPHA PHARMA strongly influences the body's hormone production. Therefore, athletes use Androxine Trenbolone ALPHA PHARMA testosterone enanthate, testosterone cypionate, or testosterone propionate.

Effect of Androxine Trenbolone ALPHA PHARMA in human body:

Androxine Trenbolone ALPHA PHARMA is available today in several esterified variants: acetate (short term, around 1 day), enantate (long term, around 4.5-5 days) and: hexahydrobenzyl carbonate (medium, around 2 ,5-3 days ). Hexahydrobenzyl carbonate is known by its brand name Androxine Trenbolone ALPHA PHARMA. Androxine Trenbolone ALPHA PHARMA binds more strongly to the androgen receptor than testosterone.
Androxine Trenbolone ALPHA PHARMA has approximately the same effectiveness as testosterone in terms of anabolic effect (mass gain) but does not allow the prostate to grow due to the lack of conversion into DHT. It influences the development of male sex organs and the accumulation of muscle proteins like testosterone. In the average male, the ratio in the body of testosterone to nandrolone is 50:1

Androxine Trenbolone ALPHA PHARMA is anticatabolic:

Androxine Trenbolone ALPHA PHARMA suppresses cortisol formation and therefore inhibits muscle breakdown (anticatabolic). Trenbolone also suppresses cortisol agonists, eg.Dexamethasone from the glucocorticoid receptor and inhibits cortisol synthesis, about 1.5 times stronger than testosterone. Androxine Trenbolone ALPHA PHARMA also prevents the conversion of weaker cortison to cortisol via the enzyme 11-β-HSD. According to psychological studies, for example, an inhibitor of cortisol and concentration also leads to increased, aggressive behavior. In addition, Androxine Trenbolone ALPHA PHARMA promotes muscle building and muscle regeneration by increasing sensitivity to specific growth factors such as FGF and IGF-1.

The strong anabolic effects of trenbolone are due, among other things, to a marked increase in the supply of nitrogen into the muscle and an increase in the release of IGF-1 from the liver and into the muscle itself. According to studies, Androxine Trenbolone ALPHA PHARMA is able to release IGF-1 in the body while increasing the sensitivity of IGF-1 and other growth factors to muscle satellite cells which are responsible for repairing muscle cells. muscle damage, through training or other exposure) and muscle growth.
Androxine Trenbolone ALPHA PHARMA – unlike testosterone – cannot convert to estrogen in the human body of man. This is possible with animals. In animal experiments, a co-conversion rate of 1.9% was observed.


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