Tamoxifen 20


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Box: 20mg 10 tablets
Substance: Tamoxifen citrate (Nolvadex)



General information about Tamoxifen 20 in Belgium

Tamoxifen 20mg is a hormonal drug which is an estrogen antagonist. Once in the human body, its active component binds to a specific receptor and prevents the absorption of estrogen. Thus, tamoxifen slows the growth of estrogen-dependent tumors. Also, it has estrogen-like effects, positively affecting the state of the endometrium of the uterus, musculoskeletal, blood cholesterol levels.

Prescribe 20 mg of tamoxifen to estrogen-dependent tumors, breast cancer, cancer of the uterus, melanomas, prostate carcinomas, sarcomas and other types of tumors. Also, this drug can be used for hormone replacement therapy after removal of the ovaries or in the absence of ovulation.

Produce Tamoxifen 20mg in pill form. Handbook of drug reports which is first assigned to a smaller dose, which after a while increased to the required. The basic principle of tamoxifen dosage is individual selection.

Treatment not recommended Tamoxifen in people with individual intolerance, severe hematopoiesis deficits. Diabetes, ophthalmological disorders, should also cause special caution during treatment with this drug. Separately, it should be noted that women of childbearing age, up to menopause, you need to apply harsh birth control measures without the use of hormonal contraceptives. The threat to pregnancy is a period of treatment with Tamoksifenom and two months after its completion. Also, at this time should refrain from breastfeeding an infant.

Side effects and overdose Tamoxifen 20mg in Belgium.

The drug annotation predicted that the number of adverse effects of tamoxifen is lower than that of hormonal drugs which are also used in the treatment of cancer. However, the described effects such as hot flashes, heat, bleeding, itching – they are due to the anti-estrogen effect of the drug. May occur frequent side effects – dyspepsia, edema, hair loss, and so on. The basic rule for corrective Tamoxifen therapy accompanied by side effects, is dose reduction. This medication must be accompanied by medical and laboratory control. Case of overdose not described, but it is assumed manifestation of action similar to action of estrogen. Measures should be taken symptomatically.


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