Manufacturer : British Dragon
Model: 810
Box: 10 ml vial (100 mg/ml)
Substance: Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate


General information about Trenabol in Belgium

Trenabol 100 – anabolic and androgenic steroids from British Dragon Pharmaceuticals EU companies used for muscle recruitment and to increase athletic performance. Acetate is the 'fast' ester of trenbolone, with a short half-life. Therefore, there is a need for frequent injections. The drug in Belgium has a high anabolic activity (500% of testosterone), but at the same time its technique is often accompanied by the appearance of side effects (androgenic activity – 400%). Trenbolone does not aromatize.

Effects of reception

  • The increase in electricity prices.
  • The growth of muscle mass.
  • Increased secretion of insulin-like growth factor.
  • Inhibition of catabolic processes (reduction of cortisol).
  • Burn fat cells.
  • Growth hormone stimulation.

How to take Trenabol 100

Course Trenabol 100 eu is not recommended for beginners: the drug is quite powerful, and therefore not suitable for a first course AAS. Marked suppression of testosterone secretion requires a gonadotropin split (500 to 1000 IU).


Duration of Trenbolon by British Dragon varies in 5-6 weeks, dosage – 50-100 milligrams per day, injections are made daily. FCT held 2-3 days for the end of the course, using toremifene or Clomid (Tamoxifen enhances progestin 'pobochki' and therefore undesirable).

Interactions with other medicinal products in Belgium

As for how to make Trenabol 100 in combination, it is better to combine with Anavar acetate or Winstrol (in the 'drying').Despite the fact that for a set of muscle mass and solo reception of effective steroids, experienced athletes are often used in conjunction with testosterone enanthate.


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